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Much Ado About Plant-Based BBQ

Grilled squash is a perfect addition to any plant-based BBQ.

Grill your squash in foil, flesh-side down, but watch for temperature fluctuations! Squash is not as resilient as potatoes. This one still tasted good.

BBQ season is well underway. There is a common misconception that you can’t participate in a barbecue if you eat a plant-based diet, but it’s simply untrue. It’s easy to turn any party into a plant-based BBQ!

First there are the usual sides you find at any typical barbecue: plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and refreshments. If you’re going to be loading up on fresh fruits and veggies, though, do your host a favor and bring some of your own to share. Just because you maintain healthy stores of fresh fruits and vegetables at home doesn’t mean other people do. In fact, I’ve found that hosts often underestimate by a pretty wide margin how many fresh foods to have on hand for entertaining, especially when it comes to vegetables (think broccoli, carrots, celery, tomatoes [I know: it’s a fruit] and so on).

Now for the main course.

Our top plant-based BBQ picks

  • Portabella mushroom caps (stems removed, no added oil)
  • Corn on the cob (in foil, no butter or oil)
  • Potatoes (russet, in foil)
  • Sweet potatoes (in foil)
  • Squash (in foil and in season! grill flesh-side down)
  • Peaches
  • Pineapple
  • Pizza (with oil-free crust)
  • Vegetable kebabs
  • Asparagus

Potent potatoes

My favorite foods for a plant-based BBQ are potatoes and sweet potatoes, simply due to their ease of preparation. Yes, they still take about an hour to cook, but how many barbecues have you been to where the grill was on for less than an hour?

Grilled potatoes are a hearty addition to any plant-based BBQ!

Hot potato fresh off the grill. Careful: they’re hot!

We were invited to two barbecues in as many days. On the second day, I completely forgot our grilling potatoes at home. We had to stop at a gas station to get some more, but at $0.38/lb I was definitely not complaining about the price.

Gas stations are a great place to buy cheap potatoes for your plant-based BBQ!

Affordable produce is showing up everywhere. We picked up our grilling potatoes at Kwik Trip in Plymouth. As you can see, even the avocados are very reasonable.

A winter squash in summer?

Once we arrived there was also a huge spaghetti squash on the counter that we cut in half and put on the grill. Even though it wasn’t in season, it still tasted pretty good and added some nice variety to our plant-based BBQ. As you can see in the picture above, it did not stand up as well to the heat fluctuations as the potatoes did.

Winter squash is trickier, mostly because you should really only eat it at the very end of barbecue season. The char gave it an interesting flavor, though, and in the end none went to waste.

What are your favorite plant-based BBQ hacks?

Also, if you’re from the South, and you’re cringing at our use of the word “barbecue” to refer to the northern practice of “grilling,” please accept our apologies. And let us know what plant-based foods you grill down there!

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Chickpeas: Not Just For Hummus

This is how much we love the mighty chickpea!

Keeping your pantry stocked with basic items can make meal preparation quick, easy, and fun!  We will regularly be featuring our favorite common pantry items (Plant-Based Pantry Basics or PB2 for short) with several recipe ideas to try.  We want to bring you out of the ordinary recipes to help you think about these ingredients in new and exciting ways.

Where better to start than the mighty chickpea (or garbanzo bean, if you’re nasty)?  A must for any plant-based pantry, it can be used in so many things besides hummus.  Here are a few of our favorite recipes that include chickpeas:

  • Chickpea Broccoli Buddha Bowl from Hummus Sapien:  We’ve made this recipe several times and have started adding onion and red pepper to give it more volume (love our leftovers!) and flavor.  Roasting chickpeas is an unexpected way to prepare them and they develop a great taste and texture.
  • Sneaky Chickpea Burger found on Forks Over Knives: Serve it with baked sweet potato fries for a fun and family-friendly dinner that’s more wholesome and delicious than anything you will find at a burger joint!
  • Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tagine from Whole Foods Market: Make it Moroccan!  The raisins and green olives give this dish a sweet and tangy flavor.  A favorite at our house, we like to serve this dish with couscous.
Our Moroccan Feast: Sweet Potato Tagine with Couscous

Our Moroccan Feast: Sweet Potato Tagine with Couscous

Thanks for reading our first PB2 post!  We hope you’ve been inspired to get out of your hummus rut and try a new way to prepare chickpeas!